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  • In light of the recent use of a monoclonal antibody preparation during the treatment of two ebola patients, we are reposting our February 2013 report “Next-Generation Monoclonal Antibodies.”
  • Improved collaboration among clinicians, scientists, and public health authorities is needed to understand the epidemiology and define the sources and modes of transmission.
  • Social media use has increased dramatically, but most US health departments do not use it to aid in emergency preparedness or response. This report explores what is needed to prompt widespread adoption of social media and mHealth technology in local public health departments.
Dr. Eric Toner was a guest on WYPR’s Monday Morning with Sheilah Kast, where he discussed how healthcare providers should decide who has access to medical resources when there are not enough.



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Amesh A. Adalja, September 12, 2014
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