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About the Center


The UPMC Center for Health Security works to protect people's health from the consequences of epidemics and disasters and to ensure that communities are resilient to major challenges.

Our Work: We examine how scientific and technological innovations can strengthen health security. And we advance policies and practice to address a range of challenges, including the global rise in emerging infectious diseases, a continued risk of pandemic flu, major natural disasters, our dependence on vulnerable infrastructure, outbreaks of foodborne illness, and the potential for biological, chemical, or nuclear accidents or intentional threats.

An important part of our mission is to connect diverse and international communities of health and science experts, industry representatives, and government officials to strengthen collective efforts to improve health security.

The Center conducts independent research and analysis, and we communicate our results to inform the work of decision makers across communities. We do this work through the combined talents of our scholars in science, medicine, public health, law, social sciences, economics, and national security.

The Center at 15: Our History in Biosecurity,
Our Future in Health Security

15 ribbon
Tom Inglesby, Anita Cicero, Center staff and friends look back over the Center's history in biosecurity and ahead to our future in health security in this video marking the Center's 15-year anniversary. Watch now
Until May 2013, we were the Center for Biosecurity of UPMC

Center Leaders

Tom Inglesby
Tom Inglesby, MD
Chief Executive Officer/Director
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Anita Cicero
Anita Cicero, JD
Chief Operating Officer/Deputy Director
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Founding Director

D. A. Henderson
D. A. Henderson, MD, MPH
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