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Biological, Chemical and Nuclear Threats

Identifying, analyzing, and informing leaders about new and emerging threats to the public’s health and security.


Biological, Chemical and Nuclear Threats

Recent Publications

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  • Federal Funding for Health Security in FY2015. Previous articles in this series have provided funding information for federal civilian biodefense programs and programs focused on radiological and nuclear preparedness and consequence management. This year the authors have expanded the focus of the analysis to US federal funding for health security. July 2014.
  • Moving Ahead on the Global Health Security Agenda. Launched in February to drive more dedicated efforts to prevent epidemics, detect biological threats early, and respond rapidly, the Agenda shines a light on issues in need of international attention and collaboration. March 2014.
  • Health Security Resolutions for 2014. Anita Cicero and Tom Inglesby suggest 7 resolutions for 2014 to improve health security. Though all may not be achieved in 1 year, notable progress is possible and would make the nation far better prepared to prepare for and respond to challenges certain to arise. January 2014.
  • Federal Agency Biodefense Funding, FY2013-FY2014. Earlier articles in this annual series have analyzed civilian biodefense funding by the federal government for fiscal years (FY) 2001 through proposed funding for FY2013. This article updates those figures with budgeted amounts for FY2014. September 2013.

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  • Bioterrorism: Assessing the Threat. Dr. Inglesby describes the commonalities among bioterrorism and other major biological threats confronting the nation--antimicrobial resistance, new pandemics, the possibility of accidental release of an engineered contagious pathogen bioterrorism--to make the case for strengthening our ability to respond and not letting our guard down. February 2014.